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KC Wonder and the big question...WHY we do what we do for Hip Hop culture

January 05, 2020 6 min read

KC Wonder and the big question...WHY we do what we do for Hip Hop culture

Let’s talk about clothing, fashion labels, and the streetwear brands for just a moment.

So here’s the thing when it comes to playing in the creative world, whether it be in music, dance, or in our case clothing, culture, and lifestyle. There has to be a reason WHY we chose to do what we do, or a mission that you set out to achieve, and itch that you just have to scratch.

KC Wonder always aims for thought-provoking designs that relate to an era where the style of music, culture, and values of people were very different from what we see and hear today.

When someone views a design or Jewel from KC Wonder they will get a taste of our style with the hope that our inspiration and branding make them feel a certain way. We aim to take our fans or followers back to a time where they can remember first hearing that new joint off an album or seeing a live performance on a late-night show, or even getting that first-ever pair of Jordan’s, a baseball jacket, skateboards set up, fresh fat laces, or whatever it was for you. We want to take you back there when you knew there was only one thing left to do and that was to show it off with your crew and get a photo in your B-boy stance of how fly you and your boys were!

We want our goods to spark our customers to reminisce and talk about the good times that they had during that era, or reach out to the old crew you lost contact with and ask yourself, Daym… I wonder where those boys are at nowadays

Hopefully, you never lost touch with them so you can share our post or Jewels with because any piece of clothing that we do is like art or a slice of culture that you know they gonna dig and can relate to.

We want to inspire you to dig out that vinyl or cd and put it back in your playlist and relive that moment with yourself, even if you think you have moved well past that stage or age of your life. Maybe you have kids, a steady job or maybe you are so consumed by the day to day struggles that you don’t get time to appreciate these moments as much anymore. We hope to spark up the conversation, reignite the fire and just catch that vibe for just a short moment, this is how we get our fix and we hope to pass it on to you.

All of the above plays a major part of the process that we go through when developing a design and campaign for each of the Jewels that we drop. By listening to the artist or album for inspiration, KC Wonder have solidified the foundations of WHY we are here and also why we do what we do, it’s just a matter of continuing to build on the crew, fans, and followers to deliver our product to on the regular, or in our case with the 12 Jewels it will be every month without fail a new Jewel will be released for a limited time only strictly pre-orders only, no reruns.

There are many factors that can stop any business or brand from moving onward and upwards, lack of knowledge, lack of money or passion, consistency and direction just to name a few. If you are lacking in more than a couple of these fields we’re not saying you will never be successful, but it would make the process super hard and painful if you can’t tick some of those boxes.

The way we see it is, if you aren’t doing things for yourself and what you believe in as the messenger or ambassador and owner of your brand, it’s only a matter of time before you can smell the desperate signs of creativity coming through a brand trying to stay relevant and that only leads to wack shit starting to bubble its way into places that is shouldn’t be.

We think perfecting your craft is a much harder thing to do these days, and it’s all down to the lack of “ATTENTION SPAN” it’s become very short and unless you are in social media timelines and feeds constantly or making hard-hitting, impactful, comedic or even life-threating content then you run the risk of being left behind, forgotten about or not even acknowledged.

So the only way to keep up in the current market is to produce loads of content, like I mean load and loads of it right? Let’s fast forward to the potential flow-on effects of this fast-paced lifestyle we live in. Unless you are a major with a large team of content-driven bloggers or creatives under your wing, then this leads to one thing. An oversaturation of wack music, shitty clothes and loads of people following whatever the latest trend is to keep up with the Joneses. I mean who in the hell are the Jones anyway??

OK so after a quick google search apparently it's these guys!! Moving right along.

It can all go downhill from here because business owners/ musicians/artists all mixed with peer pressure and trends make people do just about anything to stay relevant and I mean anything!

The reason we are talking on this is because since day one KC Wonder has always been about educating our followers and fans about some of the most beautiful things in Hip Hop that are still very relevant in today’s market. We want to maintain our messages about Hip Hop culture and keep that dust from settling about some of the best to ever do it. We aren’t alone we have you guys, and if you are reading this then thank you for your time, I hope this resonates with you.

So check it out… while we all have our reasons for what we are doing with our lives and the need to spread it with the rest of the world. There are corporations out there that utilize trends and the flavour of the month to help feed their WHY, to get rich, increase capital gain, increase sales volumes and the bottom line for the shareholders. Each to their own but the big fashion chains are forced to keep up to stay relevant when they don’t actually have any relevance, think about that for a second, with the new era of social media giving the smaller guys a platform some of these giants have already started to fall.

Then we see other designers that feel the need to produce an item of clothing that functions in a way that helps solve a problem, tactical gear, oversized shirts, shoes that look like socks and pants that are extremely tight and shorter in the length whatever floats your boat.

At KC Wonder we use our designs to convey a message of conscious value, all of our designs have been based on lyrics about more positive topics like Knowledge, Wisdom and Understand of one’s self which are the first 3 Jewels that we are dropping in 2020.

We truly believe every man and woman should follow the 12 Jewel to achieve happiness, this is our WHY this is the very reason that we won’t stop doing what we are doing and will continue to produce goods that relate and share the same understanding that we have for Hip Hop, and artists of the golden era that we choose to inspire our direction.

So in closing, we hope this gives a more in-depth understanding as to what makes the minds of KC Wonder tick. Keep in the loop with our blog posts, we will be taking you all on our journey with all the goods times and bad, keep giving you an open book to what we try to achieve moving forward and how much staying true to our WHY really is a top priority for us here at KC Wonder.

This is us signing off, stay relevant, stay true keep chasing the dream keep an eye out for the next Jewel and make sure you support Hip Hop culture.


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