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Jewel 2 of 12 Wisdom

February 02, 2020 2 min read

Jewel 2 of 12 Wisdom

Wisdom is the 2nd Jewel after Knowledge because they say that one must first obtain knowledge before they can move on to gain Wisdom.

“Wisdom: the quality having, experience, knowledge, and good judgement the quality of being wise. The body of knowledge and experience that develops with a specific society or period.”

The inspiration behind this design was from Fat Joe track called John Blaze which has a long list of features by artists like, Raekwon, Big Pun (R.I.P) Nas and Jadakiss.

“So many thugs vanish, Unite the system to fight with inner street wisdom, help teach a prison..”

Jewel 2 of 12 Wisdom - John Blaze

This Jewel right here for some reason gave us the feeling for street smarts and wisdom but in the sense of knowing your way around the train yard without getting caught in the act.

With Fat Joe’s association with the almighty Tats Crew it made sense to tie in the graffiti connect to this design, and for us personally it was a track they went into heavy rotation on night where the black books would come out and we would be letting the creative side take over.

The branding behind this Jewel was to depict the subway lines and color ways with yet again another design heavy print for the certain items to show the details of the subway and its appeal to the wise graffiti writers that know how to navigate their way not only on the subway lines, but more importantly around the yards, tunnels system and the third rail that makes up the subway system, so you don’t end up like this guy..!!

Jewel 2 - WisdomJewel 2 Wisdom

The design was definitely aimed at graffiti writers and bombers instead of what could have been the drug dealer’s and stick up kids version of Street Wisdom. This was mainly due to the fact that with graffiti being one of the elements of Hip Hop it was only right to introduce that into our design element and represent for this for element for Hip Hop culture.

When growing up around certain crews and lines you did need to know where you could or couldn’t go and which crew controlled certain areas just like in the streets and being a younger kid wanting to take on the world and go All City. I can remember getting checked on the line by a founding member, and that was just a lucky day that I got to walk away untouched.

Jewel 2 Wisdom Apparel Design

You also get the chance to win a model Melbourne train supplied by Redhot trains to go along with all these bundles that we have created for this Jewel and all the other jewels moving forward.

Until our next drop which will be “Understanding” be sure to catch us online and place an order for one of the bundles to keep you representing one of the 5 element as well as one of the 12 Jewels.

We hope you enjoy our journey, so until next time!


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