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About Us

About Kc Wonder

KC Wonder is an independent Australian Hip-Hop Lifestyle label, who’s ethics are heavily inspired by (but not limited to) social consciousness, education, the 12 Jewels and the 5 Elements that comprise HIP HOP. With both the founders are members of the Universal Zulu Nation 61 chapter in Australia, it’s no surprise that the guys strongly believe in wearing your knowledge as a badge of honour and staying true to one’s self without conforming to the masses plays its part in the designs and artists chosen to inspire all the collections.

KC Wonder designs reflect the roots of hip-hop culture with an aim to educating the uneducated about the pioneers and history of how Hip Hop began and the journey it took from the 70’s through to the golden era. With limited quantities and carefully selected inspirations KC Wonder drop a Jewel every month dedicated to one of the 12 Jewels of Hip Hop.

These jewels are best explained by RZA of the Wu Tang Clan in his book called “The Tao of Wu” the below is a grab that resonates with many hip hop artists and the KC Wonder team to use as principles to take on board through your journey of life.

“First a man gets KNOWLEDGE, which is knowledge of self. Then he gets WISDOM, which is the reflection of that knowledge. Then he gets UNDERSTANDING, which is the power to act on wisdom. With understanding he sees that he has FREEDOM – that he has freed his dome from ignorance- which means he has free will. But freedom operates under a law: the law of JUSTICE. That means I’m free to smack you in your face, but justice applies: There will be a reward or penalty for my actions. Therefore, I must deal with EQUALITY, because all men are created equal. By showing equality to one another we’re activating freedom, justice, and equality-the fourth through sixth jewels.

Now, those are all the things that build a man’s character. And after you attain them, you’re able to strive for FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER-which also have both physical and mental meanings. Obviously, food is nourishment, shelter is a home, and clothing is protection. But mental food is food from the tree of life- wisdom, science, history, food for your mind. Mental clothing is how you carry yourself-the way you move and speak. If you have clothed yourself in righteousness, even the bummiest clothing has dignity. And mental shelter is the mind’s protection from the evil atmosphere-the lies and corruption of the outside world.”

“You don’t get all Twelve Jewels at once-you have to strive for them, prepare yourself for them. But after you attain the first nine, then you’re ready to make your life truly satisfying. That’s when you can attain LOVE, which is the highest elevation of understanding-either between two people or between all members of mankind. And after you attain love, then you have PEACE, and finally you get HAPPINESS-which is total and complete satisfaction with yourself. If you’re completely satisfied with yourself, nobody can take it away from you.”

When you take this and add in the 5 elements being Djing, MCing, Graffiti, BBoy/BGirl, and Knowledge it really does become a clear how KC Wonder consistently promote that Hip Hop is not a genre of music, it’s a way of life. And for those of you that live it, eat it and breathe it

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