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Equality: Jewel 6 of 12

June 14, 2020 3 min read

Equality: Jewel 6 of 12

WOOP WOOP that’s the sound of the POLICE!

One of the most familiar statements in Hip Hop, whether you’re a commercial listener or an underground head, whether you love it or think it is corny. The message of this statement when Sound of Da Police was released by KRS-One in December 1993, couldn't have been more hard hitting, a direct call out to law enforcement all over the US and potentially the world. KRS-ONE was taking a clear shot at the system referring to them as “The Beast”.

KRS-ONE AKA Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone AKA The Teacha released this track as the final single off his debut solo album Return of the Boom Bap. In the track, KRS explains, through the lens of the police system, the mistreatment of the black community in America. Truth be told this shit has been going on for centuries since slavery and sadly things still haven’t changed much since then.

Equality - KCWonder Jewel 6 of 12 - TeeEquality - KCWonder Jewel 6 of 12 - Tee

When KRS spat, “Are you really for the Peace and Equality, Or when my car is hooked up, you know you want to follow me, Your laws are minimal, Cause you don’t even think about lookin at the real criminal, This has got to cease, Cause we be getting hyped to the sound of da police”, he defined the inspiration of this Jewel and the meaning of Equality, or the lack of it, when in connection with people of colour and/or a different race.

The design of this jewel’s apparel in the 12-part KC Wonder collection features a bold statement piece on the t-shirt back with the words Sound of Da Police emblazoned in a striking earth tone. KRS’ provocative lyrics are detailed clearly on the t-shirt back supporting the bold statement.

Fast forward to the present and with the advancement in technology with mobiles and social media, we are now seeing more than ever, these unjust acts live right before our eyes. Smartphones can be easily retrieved for photos, or better yet, video footage of incidents, uploaded straight onto social media and going viral worldwide in the matter of minutes! What once fell on deaf ears can now be seen and discussed in an instant.

So with all this visibility and global outrage you would think that it would bring a real form of equality right? If you ask us, we’re still seeing videos of policemen using brutal force towards people of color that are completely unarmed, it seems there is no justice and that society still has a long way to go.

Just like KRS-ONE chooses to create awareness around the inequality of his people and so KC Wonder and many others also choose to continue to shed light on this topic. Hopefully it will give the powers that be no choice but to act accordingly, do what they are meant to do when they agreed to the oath to serve and protect those in (what they keep telling you) is the greatest nation on Earth.

Jewel 6 Equality - Stop Murder by PoliceJewel 6 Equality - End Police Brutality

It still alarms us that you can speak to marginalised people that are fearful of their law enforcement in the state, it really does make you wonder what sort of Equality there is in the world when you can hear stories as such.

Maybe, we the people need to create change through force, protest, name and shame, and continuing to let the government know that this is not morally acceptable and we won’t stand for it any longer.

We hope that you now have a more in depth understanding of our inspiration and thought process when ideating and when you wear this KC Wonder design you do so with the aspiration to help and drive our communities to have a real sense of Jewel 6 Equality.

Peace, Love and Equality

KC Wonder

Conscious Clothing and Apparel.

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