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KC Wonder are onto the next one, the 3rd Jewel of the series, UNDERSTANDING.

The inspiration for this was Black Sheep “ Peace to the N*ggas” off his Non-Fiction released in 1994.

This design uses the word OVERSTAND to make reference to a more conscious side of one’s thoughts when it comes to understanding a subject or situation. To understand something is to consume and recognize energy or situation, which is what most of us are programmed to do. However, to overstand something one must learn not only how to recognize but how to recreate that energy to overcome it and truly move forward.

While there are a few different takes on Understanding and Overstanding definitions, we aren’t here to set any records straight and tell you how it is, as long as we have been able to make you think a little deeper on the topic or maybe even bring it to your attention for the first time, then that’s a good starting point. With that being said make sure you check out the design that we thought went perfect with this Jewel and the inspiration track behind it, and get your piece of this OVERSTAND release and spread the word about KC Wonder and the 12 Jewels.

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