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Shelter: Jewel 9 of 12

September 14, 2020 2 min read

Shelter: Jewel 9 of 12

Since day one, KC Wonder has represented as a conscious clothing label, educating the people on Hip Hop and history where we can. We believe it is important to preserve the true Hip Hop culture and to pass down the history and essence of Hip Hop to the youth of today. This is why the ninth jewel in KC Wonder’s 12-part collection is Shelter.

In the Tao of Wu book, RZA talks about the idea of Shelter and how it is not only a physical shelter (a home) but also we must shelter the mind from evil and temptations. Looking at today’s popular culture, Hip Hop is being appropriated for the masses, and whilst Hip Hop culture represents community and togetherness, the negative representations and re-appropriations are the reasons why we must shelter true Hip Hop culture.


KC-Wonder Jewel 9 Shelter - Do The Right Thing Movie Cover


The apparel design is inspired by A Spike Lee joint Do The Right Thing, the film explores a Brooklyn neighbourhood's simmering racial tension and touches on the theme of community, banding together to shelter and protect your own.

For this collection, the apparel features a design in honour of the iconic Do The Right Thing typography and African-style graphics. The apparel has a bold design of In Da House, declaring this collection A KC Wonder Joint. This jewel collection line ... As with all of the jewel lines, this collection features a t-shirt, hoodie, long sleeve crew, snapback hat, and poster.

B-boys and the sub-culture of breakdancing is another element of Hip Hop where the aspect of the community is fundamental. Black Star (AKA as Yasiin Bey/Mos Def + Talib Kweli) pay homage to the pioneers of Hip Hop and rap about community sheltering in B boys will B boys;


KCWonder Jewel 9 Shelter Collection

Here's a little story that must be told about
About two younger brother that was put on hold
They tried to stop the goal
(We on a spiritual plane)
Tried to kill the pride
(And destroy the name)
We just two bad brothers
(Who will never quit)
I'm Mos Def
(Kweli (We the ultimate)).
Make sure that you tell
(Everbody you know)
To get on line
(Take a ride)
To the Black Star show!
(Black Star)
Shining, Shining, we in the house
Shining, Shining we in the house y’all

KCWonder Jewel 9 Shelter Collection Afterpay

Any true Hip Hop head would know that popular culture’s and the mainstream media’s appropriation of Hip Hop is not authentic and as true connoisseurs of the culture, we need to band together and as a community shelter Hip Hop from the culture vultures and biters.

KC Wonder continues on this Hip Hop pilgrimage as we near the end of our 12-part jewel collection series we hope you are all gaining some knowledge and insight from it all and most of all.

Peace and Love

KC Wonder

We Got Smarts.

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