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Jewel 1 of 12 Knowledge

February 02, 2020 2 min read

Jewel 1 of 12 Knowledge

The very 1st Jewel for the collection is KNOWLEDGE and when doing some research on the definition there were a few different takes on it.

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering or learning.”

It was this definition and the inspiration from “Know the Ledge” Juice By Rakim that tied all this together for our first release.

The term Hip Hop clothing has been used very loosely in the more recent years in the fashion industry. However the clothing has no substance, no meaning, or any sort of message behind it all, it’s more a matter of slapping shallow minded thoughts on a Tee and selling it for a high price and calling it high fashion?

It made sense for us when designing the 1st Jewel being Knowledge to have Rakim aka the God Emcee as the inspiration behind the jewel.

Rakim born January 28, 1968 and one half of the very popular Hip Hop duo Eric B. and Rakim. It only made sense to use one of the most respected emcees in the game involved in many conversations as one of the best lyricists of the golden age era.

Jewel 1 - KnowledgeJewel 1 - Knowledge

With the Hip Hop world taking a very conscious turn in the early 80s, it became all about knowledge of one’s self, and knowing the environment in which they play in, and we believe that still to this day this is relevant. To always stay one step ahead of the pack, to know how to make moves through certain, areas, situations or in the case of the track it’s a matter of knowing your limits and pushing the boundaries but always checking to make sure you don’t push it over the edge, cuz you need to Know The Ledge.

Jewel 1 - Knowledge FlatlayJewel 1 - Knowledge

The KC Wonder T shirt design is a heavy graphic clearly depicting image of Rakim that was used in an article written by the this statement T is the centre piece of the Knowledge Jewel that we chose to colour with purple because it simply worked the out to be the best colour ways the garment.

The hoody, crew, long sleeve T and snapback were design to keep things simple and not heavy on the graphics to steer away from being a large statement design for the more subtle buyers or older buyers they aren’t into the louder type designs. These garments also have an embroided W on the sleeve as an extra detail to add that finishing touch.

In the end we were very happy with that the design element and the message of bringing Knowledge to your everyday way of life was delivered loud and clear with this Jewel and we hope to keep doing so for the rest of the Jewels we deliver.

Until the next drop, this is KC Wonder signing off.

Peace, Unity, Love, Having Fun!

Zulu 61

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